New Year Party Ideas

New year Poster

New year poster


  1.  “Invite all your friends and have a “causes” game. Ask everyone to pick up one social cause and give 3 suggestions on what can be done to fix it.”
  2. “Candle Light Dinner Party at the terrace..Have tables laid on your terrace and invite all your friends. Keep a couple entry system. Start the party with a paper dance. Have light romantic music playing in the background. The evening will be memorable for all.”
  3. The perfect party idea would be to invite all your friends as well as those whom you dislike. New years day is the best time to sort out your differences and start afresh.”
  4. “Gather all your friends and visit an old age home. Try and cheer up the old people who have been left alone by their own children. Spread love, spread smiles. Make 2014 happy for them!”
  5. “Another way to party we gonna hav full desi boom nothing official about no malls party at a punjabi dhaba with big lassi da glass, te makke ki roti aur sarso ka saag, guud ke sath, no pizza burger hotdog and cold drinks.”
  6. “With the clock striking 12 o clock on the 31st December you start expressing you joy and happiness to welcome New Year. You convey New Year wishes not only to your loved ones but to every person to meet on this eve. Make your New Year wishing in unique way by sending quotes, proverbs and poems to all your near and dear ones.”
  7. Make It a BYOA Affair – Bring Your Own Appetizer.
    Phone your invitees and inform them that it’s a BYOA event. There are a number of cheap and easy appetizers that your guests can bring, but if someone doesn’t know how to cook or what to bring, suggest raw veggies and hummus, a fruit and nut platter, or a cheese and crackers plate. If someone claims that even those are too difficult, ask them to bring a container or two of mixed nuts – you can provide the bowl
  8. Remember That Timing Is Everything
    Since you want to keep the party hopping until (and perhaps well past) the midnight hour, consider starting around 10pm. But if you prefer to start much earlier, have the potato bar ready at around 10pm so guests don’t go hungry.
    If your group wants to spend five to six hours together, plan on having a full-scale potluck early in the evening. You can skip the appetizers in this case, but still prepare your midnight supper.
  9. Ask Guests to Bring an Unusual Noisemaker
    Have a “craziest noisemaker” contest and be sure to shoot video! Replay each person with their noisemaker for the crowd and vote on who wins. Provide a prize to the winner, such as earmuffs. Then, get everyone together for the big midnight countdown and create your own symphony of racket, clatter, and boom.
  10. Ask Guests to Write Predictions for the New Year
    Have your guests sign their predictions and place them into a bowl or a box. Then, during supper, take turns reading the predictions while everyone guesses who wrote them. It can be surprising how difficult it is to guess your friends’ predictions – and it’s a great way to wrap up the night!

    Happy new Year

    Happy new Year

  11. Hang Handmade Paper Snowflakes From the Ceiling
    White printer paper snowflakes in varying sizes, plain or accented with silver or clear glitter, can be hung from different lengths of thread or ribbon for a festive effect. You can even scatter some over a table for easy decor. If you glitter them, remember that less is more.
  12.  “A full bottle of wine should now be your companion. So that from now onwards a glass can be lifted time to time with a praise from the heart. A very Happy New Year.”
  13. “A Big drink party with all cocktails and moctails.”
  14. “How about a chocolate pool party. Get a pool filled with liquid chocolate. This can be a sweet idea to start the new year on a sweet note:)”
  15.  “Work hard to Party harder Drink milk to become smarter Take a resolution this year Only whiskey, no beer.”

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