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Christmas celebrations

Christmas Poems

Evergreen boughs that fill our homes With fragrant Christmas scents, Hearts filled with the loving glow That Christmas represents;Christmas cookies, turkeys stuffed, Festive holly berry, Little faces bright with joy, Loved ones being merry;Parties, songs, beribboned gifts, Silver bells that tinkle, Christmas trees and ornaments, Colorful lights that twinkle Relatives waiting with open arms To […] Continue reading →

Christmas Jokes

Cartoons Will: What’s a good time for Santa to come down the chimney? Bill: What? Will: Anytime! What do you call a frozen elf hanging from the ceiling? An elfcicle! Q: What is Claustrophobia? A: The fear of Santa Claus. Tim: Did you know Santa had only eight reindeer last Christmas? Jim: Huh? Tim: Comet stayed […] Continue reading →

How to decorate christmas tree

  1.Choose a tree Your tree is your canvas, so it’s important to select a good one — gorgeous ornaments can do only so much for a scraggly tree. Some people prefer the look and smell of a real pine or fir tree, while others like the reliability of a fake one. Your housing rules […] Continue reading →